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Vision Statement
To elevate consciousness.

Mission Statement
Provide the tools to facilitate the exchange of truth.


Healing institutional and personal fractionalization begins in the H.E.A.R.T.

An ever-changing world requires adaptable people, resources and tools.

New Heart Education was created when the founders recognized the need for a new way of approaching education, business, personal and family forms. 

This new way needed to be different from the fractured, anemic forms which were currently dominating the present-day institutions. 

New Heart Education professionals created a program to assist in the healing of fractionalization and the restoring of wholeness to educational, business, personal and familial institutions.

This program is called H.E.A.R.T. and consists of these 5 simple  steps:

  • Humbly opening one's eyes, mind and heart to the reality of the current situation within the person or institution.

  • Evaluating and observing specific areas of discord and fractionalization in the person or institution.

  • Assessing and implementing resources such as curricula, training, classes and mentoring/coaching to build bridges within the individual or institution.

  • Revisiting and revaluating after a prescribed amount of time to maintain healthy and sustainable leadership and relations.

  • Together, healing fractionalization and creating whole new hearts.



New Heart Education uses a variety of resources and tools to assist each individual and institution on a personalized basis.

Visit our SERVICES page to learn more about what New Heart Education currently offers and what we can do for you.

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